Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Face Book
I've found a new addiction, The Face Book. Face Book is a site like Friendster and MySpace but it only connects college students. I've found some people on this site that I never thought I'd see again, let alone speak to. But there they are, added to my friend list. This website has given me a few nostalgic moments as I reminisce about yesteryear. More people are using Face Book because of it's simplicity and it's shear size.

According to Kyle, our college wasn't one of the approved universities for a long time. That's why I didn't know this place even existed up until now. But now that I've found it I can't stop searching for people to add. It's a efortless pastime that can give me hours of fun.

Just today I found this girl I haven't talked to since Junior High, and now we're exchanging messages. C'mon, that's amazing!

Pretty soon I'm going to have to be going to FBA (Face Book Anonymous).