Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Diet, the Black Sheep in the Soda Family
In an effort to get healthier, about 4 weeks ago I made the switch to diet soda. Initially my intention was to have no regular soda whatsoever. But after a few days I realized that I cannot just give up regular soda all together. So instead of looking for the soda patch, which would regulary put doses of pure Coke into my system, I decided to give myself allowences. If I went out to eat, I can have a max of two sodas then I switch to water. If I go to a movie, I can have another coke.

This whole transition to diet soda has been difficult. I was so much of an advocate against this trend that I feel like I'm betraying all the diet soda haters out there. Like I have to tear up my picket sign that reads "Death to Diet!" and throw my sash into the fire.

But to be honest, it is the best thing for me. I used to consume soda by the case load, so this change will eliminate about 1,000 calories from my diet. I've already lost weight cause of it. I have a goal though, I want to help others avoid the awful diet sode. Believe me, on my quest for the drinkable diet soda I have had some awfulness in the mix.

Periodically I will review a diet soda, and let you all in on the soda without having to drink it yourself.