Friday, November 05, 2004

When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw 'Em Back!
Todays post on Kyle's blog was probably one of the most truthful and honest writings I've read in some time. Not only was it true, but to see my life and his boiled down to a 100 word essay always makes me laugh.

It is true, Kyle and I do live a Sienfeld life. Everthing we see, everything we experience, can all be boiled down to some comical observation. And I really don't think it makes us cynical or evil people, if anything it makes us even more honest and too the point then someone of the contrary. The fact that we're able to see the building blocks and actually break them down is something that I truly pride in myself.

In Kyle's post he pointed out specific examples of actual things we've discussed, and it made me want to talk about and explain other observations and conversations we've had.

For example, there was this disabled individual who Kyle, Amanda, Jennifer and I had a class with. His disability didn't come from the mind, he was all there. But he had some sort of physical handicap which forced him into a wheelchair. He loved to voice his opinion in class, even when it really wasn't valid or served any purpose. Hence this quandary of mine, is it ok for me to hate a disabled person? Really think about that statement, and think about my answer, yes it is ok.

Why not? Why can't I hate someone who is physically handicap? Leave out the mentally ill, that is a whole nother ball park. But the wheelchair and the crutch bound, it is ok to hate them. But there is also a line there. I'm not saying hate handicap people, sympathy away. I'm saying you should be allowed to hate a handicap person simply because there an asshole. This guy, he was an asshole. And he was an asshole because he was using his god given out. I bet you all his life no one has every criticized him because of fear or compassion of hurting his feelings. Like, oh just let him be, he has enough problems as it is.

If anything, to treat a disabled person differently flies right at the core of what there intentions are, to be accepted as equal. So in a sense, you should feel no remorse about cursing out or being mean to a handicap person. They want to play on the same level as you, so let them. I had every right to hate that guy in my class, and I don't feel guilty about it.

See, that is just another example of things to contemplate in life that no one ever discusses. We're so afraid of offended or hurting someone's feelings that we avoid these topics. But to be honest, wasn't that whole explanation I just gave funny and absolutely true?

In closing I'll leave you with another observation and thought I've had for you to think about. Think about it and take your comments to my tag board, because I really want to know and I want to either support of discredit you.

Do women have the right to be offended if a guy looks at their chest WHEN they're wearing a low cut top? Really think about that, it is a funny statement but if you REALLY think about it you will come to the same conclusion that I have. Which I'll save for when I see your comments. So...happy thinking!