Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Time Flies So You Better Duck!
Ever wish you could speed through time just to get it over with? I've been feeling like that for the last couple weeks. I've been wishing that I could fly really fast around the world, but instead of turning back time to save Lois Lane like Superman did, I'd fly in the opposite direction to just get things over and done with.

School is coming to a close, and all my insane teachers decided to let loose there furry about that time. Papers, photography assignments, screenplays, 120 question finals are all the exciting things I have to look forward to. All this with less then 2 weeks of school left. I've never dreaded the end of school so much.

Why is it that professors decide that all the really hard stuff should be at the end? To me that doesn't make sense. There argument is "your college students, this is college work, you can handle it." But honestly, do they not realize that ALL the other professors think that way and so there going to give you the same work load? Teachers need to try and think that outside of his/her class, you have other classes not to mention a life you have to contend with. Sometimes I really think teachers think that your life is their class. Especially when I hear comments like "the only way you can turn this in late is if your dead or in the emergency room." Thanks a lot, what if my car breaks down on my way to school because someone put sugar in my gas tank? Or what if the night before I drank a really bad glass of milk and am throwing up the entire next day? Nope, those aren't "legitimate" reasons. Teachers need to stop acting like the light rises and falls at their command and start treating there students with respect and understanding. I'm not asking to be coddled or lead by the hand, but I just want teachers to really think before they assign tons of homework.

There should be some sort of committee that as a student you can go to and complain. Teachers have no sort of commander keeping them in line. There like cops who can't drive, but can't get tickets because there cops. You know you've seem them making illegal left hand turns and running red lights, but your the one who gets ticketed for that. Plus, do we really know if there is an emergency when there lights are flashing? I bet you some of the time they use that just to get around traffic. Damn cops...

In less then two weeks all this hell will be over and I can finally take a breath. But until then, looks like I'm going to have to put up with Professor Assholio.