Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Trigger Happy Student and the Bumbling Professor
My photography teacher did something that really made me question his sanity last Wednesday. Two students in my class had planned to leave sometime mid-class to work on some group project. They had devised a plan for one person to get up and leave, and then 10 minutes later for the second person to follow suit. I thought this plan was genuis, and I would have done it myself. If they had been seen leaving together, not only would that have been seen by the class as "odd" but the teacher would have noticed and remembered. That's what you don't want to happen when you leave class early, for the teacher to remember.

In my astronomy class I always wait for his back to be turned, this way I can leave with him none the wiser. But what these two photography escapees didn't realize, and had no reason to suspect was what the teacher would do.

The plan began, the first person got up and left. That went fine, the teacher may have noticed but didn't think about it. The second person though got trigger happy and screwed up. Not more then a minute passed before he got up and headed for the door. That was the biggest mistake, not waiting the 10 minutes. As he got to the door the teacher said "are you leaving?"

The class froze, not one of us thought the teacher would say anything. The person leaving looked beffudled and couldn't seem to find the words to answer. He said "uh...yea I'm going." I thought that was the end of it, but the teacher asked "why?"

That word was the main reason for the post. A teacher CANNOT ask and expect a student to say why they are leaving. It is really none of the teachers goddamn business. I was stunned to hear the teacher question a student leaving. This isn't high school, this is college! You shouldn't have to explain yourself EVER! What if I was leaving to use the restroom and he asked me "why?" Does he really expect me, an almost 20yo adult to say I'm going to the bathroom? Or what if I had a doctors appointment. Does he want me to announce to the class that I may be sick and I've just infected everyone?

The student sort of mumbled that he had a group project, to which the teacher said "your expected to be here the entire time, you should have scheduled it for later. But I'll let you go." That really took the cake, that last part right there. It's like, "Oh thank you your majesty for allowing me to leave this place of wisdom, I am forever in your debt." A teacher does not allow people to leave, they just leave. By saying that he is allowing you to leave, he is also saying that he has the power to make you stay which he really doesn't. He can't fail you. He'd be up in front of the disciplinary board in minutes.

If I was in his situation I would seriously have stopped it at the very begining by saying "you know what Professor Hitler, you have no right to ask me where I'm going. If I want to go dance around a tree or have an imaginary tea party you can't stop me, because you know why? I pay your salary, and don't give me any of that well I pay you with knowledge shit. You work for me asshole! So go back up in front of the class with your little pointer and do what your paid to do." Yea, that would have put him in his place.