Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Observations and Quips
This morning I made a venture to the college bookstore on a quest for cheap headphones. My nice ones I got in San Francisco where I swear to god the guy ripped me off are kind of bulky, and I've grown tired of carrying them in my backpack. I was in this bookstore at 7:45 am, and I felt kind of odd going in to buy headphones.

As I sort of meandered in looking around, I waltzed over to the displays. Someone asked me if I needed assistance but I shied away at the thought of asking for headphones. Think about it, headphones = CD = music. I'm in a bookstore, and even though they sell other things then books, I felt like he would be offended if I asked for something that wasn't paperback. I found my headphones which were next to the magazine rack. I of course had to pick up an Entertainment Weekly, a true impulse buy.

As I made my way to the register I realized now would be a great time to get "The Da Vinci Code." Amanda, Kyle and I have discussed having our own little book club. We'd gather around, sipping our tea, eating cucumber sandwiches, and saying how sad it was Romeo and Juliet couldn't be together. I was thinking of a name for this club, and I think "Read Damnit!" is an excellent idea. Who wouldn't want to read after hearing that? We decided on "The Da Vinci Code" and gave a 3 week time limit that hasn't started yet.

Once I had my book, headphones, and EW in hand I went ahead and paid for my items. I paid with my credit card and the person looked at my ID which is perfectly normal. But I couldn't help but wonder what thief would be buying a hardcover book and a pair of headphones at 7:45 am in a university bookstore.

There have been a couple other things I wanted to mention that I've noticed so far today, but I won't go into too much detail. There is a trashcan in the computer lab that says for aluminum cans only. But you're are not allowed to drink anything other then water in the library. So unless you're able to find a can of water, seriously what's the point of this can?

Also someone held a door for me in the Science Building which surprised me since he could of let go and he would have been following door holding rules. Too bad it turned out the only reason he held the door was to hand me a flyer to vote, how tacky. So because he does a good deed to me I get to carry around something that I'm going to throw away moments later.

Finally, while writing this post the guy next to me asked if I'd watch his stuff which I nodded to. But how does he know I'm not a thief, what if wearing this CSUN sweatshirt if all part of my master plan. Maybe I'm that guy who stole that person’s credit card to buy a hardcover book and headphones.