Friday, October 15, 2004

I Believe! But First I Need Some Proof
I hate in films when characters can't believe when they've already seen the unbelievable. This came up the other night when Kyle came over to watch "The Empire Strikes Back." Luke Skywalker is being trained by Yoda to use all of the forces potential. When Yoda asks him to use the force to retrieve the ship that Luke crash landed into the swamp, Luke says "you want the impossible" to which Yoda shakes his head and retrieves the ship to show how much of an ass Luke was being.

This bothered me, that Luke would say something like that to Yoda. Not too long before he had first heard about this strange "force" from Obi-Wan, even then he was skeptical. But he has seen the force in action; for god’s sake he even used it to blow up the Death Star. But now, he is saying that something about the force is "unbelievable." Holy crap shut up Luke! How can you say something like that when you’ve already seen things that you thought were impossible? This syndrome in movies and television is known as “Skully Syndrome.”

Named after Skully from the television show “X-Files,” this attribute to a character was something she was chalk full of. Skully had seen the craziest shit imaginable: aliens, ghosts, people that can turn into water, genies, and mythical creatures to name just a few. Yet she continued to say things like “this can’t be real, science would never allow this, blah blah blah.” What did she just say? The woman who herself was abducted by aliens is refusing to believe that something crazy can’t be true? What a load of bull-honkey! Yes, bull-honkey! If I had seen even one of the things she did, I would not be going around with that attitude.

Luke and Skully need to stop being pain in the asses and just fess up to things. You can't take one fantastical idea without the other; either believe or don't. So next time you are watching a movie and you see a character who has just gotten the ability to fly and thinks aliens are crazy talk, call a doctor because they've got "Skully Syndrome!"