Friday, September 10, 2004

Here are some photos from various trips over the summer. I used a snap and shoot because my digital is broken, so you'll have to endue the quality. I only pulled out the highlights, so if you want to see the entire set you'll have to visit my photobucket. I also shrunk them down so that the page will load quicker on your computer. To see the larger versions just click them.

Santa Clara
We went to Santa Clara because my brother found out about this theme park there that is owned by Paramount. The thing that is awesome is that they have a "Top Gun" roller coaster, and other rided based on Paramount movies that you never thought would ever see in ride form.

Great America Theme Park
The first photo is us ascending on the "Top Gun" ride, the second two photos is the ride "Drop Zone" (like the Wesley Snipes movie). The ride climbs to about 70 stories then drops straight down, hence the ride title and it's connection to the film. The next couple of photos were taken in "Boomerang Bay" which is somehow supposed to be connected to Crocodile Dundee.

The Winchester Mystery House
This stop was only made because I wanted to go here. In 1884 Sarah Winchester began building a house using funds from the impressive Winchester rifle fortune that she inherited. It is rumored and often believed that a psychic told her to build the house in order to appease the spirits killed by the rile that made her such a fortune. So she built a house like a maze, so that she could hide from the spirits that would come to haunt her. There are stairs to ceilings, windows that open to walls, and a door that opens to a 30 ft. drop to the garden below.

Tule Elk State Reserve
These pictures were taken at a rather rinky-dink little reserve on the way to Santa Clara. It was about 5 mi. off the freeway, and it was completely empty. The Elk were in the distance, so I was looking at them through a coin operated telescope. I wanted to get a good picture of the Elk, so I held the camera up to the telescope lense and shot. The first picture is what I got back, and I think it's pretty cool.