Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Give Me A Hand
There is this girl in my religion class who is really cute and I'd like to ask her out. The only catch is...she's deaf. Going to CSUN, there is a large deaf and hard of hearing community because CSUN has a whole department for it. I've seen people talking in sign language, and I've always felt left out. I want to be able to communicate if need be.

I've seen people who are deaf wandering around looking like they need to ask for some help, but they can't find anyone to ask. I'd like to be able to help out if I wanted to. I also don't want people who are deaf to have a free pass to talk about me just because I can't understand them. It's like someone speaking spanish right in front of you, and they keep shooting you looks. I want to be able to know what they're saying, about me or not. Another thing is the other day I saw two people, each about 30 ft away from each other, having a discussion in sign language! How cool would it be if I could talk to someone from across a room without other people telling me to stop yelling, or butting in on my converstation.

This girl is the driving force behind this entry and just another reason why I want to know sign language. If I knew how to talk to her, we could make some sort of connection. But because there is that language barrier, we can never have any sort of relationship which is just sad.

I'm going to a school divided by the ability to hear. In order to unite the student body I WILL learn sign language, and no more will hand gestures go unanswered!