Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Everything Has A Place, Even Bagpipes!
Sitting outside on the campus lawn, I assumed I would be sitting in silence. Many people were strewn about reading their text books, eating their lunches, and some even sleeping.

But one person wasn't sleeping, reading, or eating; they were playing the bagpipes. He was "piping" away, while everyone was going on about their business. He wasn't playing any songs, he was going through chords, maybe writing a song for all I know.

Some people ignored him while others were giving him looks, I just sort of looked at him in confusion. The bagpipes are probably one of the most interesting instruments that I have seen or heard played. Mainly because, well it's odd looking, and because you don't come across a bagpipe every day.

So that being said, I can tell you why bagpipes in this instance was not a good thing. This is a college campus, with people running this way and that hoping to catch a break. Sitting in the middle of a quiet area, and then to have someone suddenly pipe in bagpipes isn't as delightful as it sounds. It is hard to concentrate on a sentence, when you are hearing the key of G being held for consecutive minutes.

People who play the bagpipes in public only do it for 2 reasons. One, they want to show off because people are sure to look at someone playing the bagpipes. Or two, they're at an Irish funeral. My guess is the first one, since I didn't see any kilts or a casket.

Common sense and the bagpipes need to go hand and hand. This isn't a guitar or a flute, it's bagpipes. Bagpipes are loud, and in certain circumstances can be unpleasant to the ear.

So if YOU play the bagpipes, think before piping. Look around, take in your surroundings, think about the other people around you. I will allow one exception where you can play aloud around me in particular, even if I want peace and quiet. If you play "Danny Boy" I will think you're the cats pajamas.