Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Day in the Life
I thought that maybe I'd walk you through my rather bizarre day I've been having, since to be honest nothing is really screaming blog worthy to me. Although what your about to read I think you'll find an entertaining read, so don't hit that back button just yet.

The day began sort of odd. My alarm clock went off at 6:15 and I sort of sprang too life. Usually I wake up groggy, suddenly forgetting why I'm getting up in the first place. But this morning, my eyes just opened quick. It was if I had blinked, and that was it.

I could hear my brother Chris stirring in his room. This is usually what I do in the morning, just listen. He'll wake up, I'll hear his squeaky door open, and I'll hear the bathroom door shut. Then I'll hear the water start up and I can even hear the shower door opening and closing. This is when I begin my wait. I know I have a good 10 minutes before he's through, so I might just lie there or I might catch was miniscule time of winks I have.

The water stopped, and that was my queue to get up. So I got up, did the whole "getting ready" deal, let the dog out, fed him, put him back, and off to school I went.

Driving I like to listen to Mark and Brian on 95.5 FM. Still to this day I can't differentiate between the 2 of them. I think Brian is the one with the nasally voice, and Mark is the one who sounds like he needs cough syrup for his sort of raspy tone. They were talking about "must see tv" and what they were going to be watching. They ran down the top 10 shows of the week, and surprise surprise, a rerun epidode of CSI was #1. They beat out the series premier of "Joey" and the season premier of "The Apprentice." The only conclusion I drew from this was the people didn't feel like watching a constantly eating Italian guy without his friends, or watch a man who we all know wears a toupee but will never admit to the fact.

I ran through a McDonalds drive-thru for breakfast, after never eating at a McDonalds in 6 month because of the movie "Super Size Me." Parked in the CSUN lot two hours before my first class, and ate. After eating, I quickly regretted my decision and vowed to never venture back to the golden arches ever again.

The library at school opens at 7:45, so I can't really get onto a computer until then. So I have to usually wait about 30 minutes or so to search the web. I did my time, and the computer lab here I come.

On the lawn just outside the library, film crews are building a set for a Disney flick called "Sky High." The movie is set in a world where superheroes are commonly known and accepted, young Jeremy (Angarano), the son of Commander Stronghold and Jetstream, tries to find a balance between being a normal teenager and an extraordinary being. Can this film get anymore Disney? Well I guess it could, all it needs now is for two of the superheros to be the twins from "Sister, Sister" and they're set.

It's actually kinda neat to watch them building up walls along the side to match the already existing library. I even saw them setting up a stunt, where it looked like someone would be swinging from a crane.

Let's skip ahead one hour to my astronomy class. Astronomy class is in the campus observatory. The seats are intentionally reclined and have high backs because the point of the observatory is to stare at the curved ceiling and gaze at the stars. My teacher, Professor Choudhary, has a very thick Indian accent so I usually can only catch words in between words. He also does not use the ceiling which really bothers me. It's there, other school would kill to have it, and he's not using it. Oh well, I went to sleep and another hour passes.

I have to use the restroom, so I construct a game plan. I have already found the four bathrooms and ranked them in order ahead of time. I like to know which ones are the least used at certain times of the day, so that if need be I can go. I don't like my bathroom experience to be a communal one, I want to option to talk out loud to myself if I felt the urge.

First bathroom on my list, the basement library. TAKEN! This one is usually the best bet because no one ever goes down there. Next bathroom is also in the basement, but you actually have to go into the main entrance of the library to access it. TAKEN! Where to now?...I think things out quick, and rush up the stairs to the main floor and briskly walk to the farthest end of the library. Hmmm...many people back here studying, more then usual. I decide to take a chance. HOORAY! If that one was taken, there was only one other bathroom I knew of, but that one is in my reserve deck so there it shall remain.

Leaving the restroom, I need to go up to the 3rd floor computer lab. The escaltors are too far, so I decide to take the elevator. There are three elevators in different parts of the library, one of which you can only take to certain floors if you have "the code." This is because they open up at restricted library areas. I got into this one thinking that I could up to the fourth floor and go down. But once I got in, I realized that floor needed a code as well. OH NO! TOO LATE! The doors shut, and the elevator began to go up.

I just hoped that wherever it opened, the person who pressed the button wouldn't be library security who would shoot me on site. But the doors open, and it's just a little old lady. So I get out of the elevator and now am standing in a room with 3 doors, 2 of which will not open. The third is stairs, so I have no place to go but down. The 3rd floor door is locked, the 2nd floor door is locked, and about now is when I envisioned someone finding my skeleton a hundred years later and laughing at me for being a moron and dying in a stairwell.

Luckily, the bottom floor was unlocked. So after all that I just ended up taking the escalator.

This is getting kinda long...continuation to come later in the day....