Monday, September 13, 2004

Be Kind, Or I Will Kill You
I unfortunately have terrible allergies. None of those crazy ones, like the people who can't eat wheat or use fabric softeners. Just the normal pollen and animal allergies that many people have. No one is to blame, well maybe God, but I manage.

Today though I bought one of those little tissue packets at school. You know what I'm talking about. It's small and rectangular, has about 10 tissues, and has a resealable flap that you can never reseal.

Since I have terrible allergies, hence the need for the tissues. So I used one not to long ago while walking, and this girl turned and gave me a look. Her eyebrows were raised and she just had this look like "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

My immediate reaction was what most people would probably think, nothing. I just kept along my merry way. But I always think about things, and pick at them in my mind. This girl really bothered me after about 10 minutes.

I am a strong supporter of the "no blow, no knowledge" rule. There are these people who in the middle of a professors lecture will get up and just honk away on their shnoze. These are the people who deserve the looks, but not of disgust but of annoyance.

I on the other hand, and I'm guessing the majority of the free world would wait for a restroom, automobile, or even their home to come into play before doing their nose business. These places are confined and other people present, if any, probably wouldn't care. But when you're in public walking to a class, you should be aloud to blow your nose if you need to. I even did the discreet two tooter which I thought was perfectly fine. But oh, not for Ms. High and Mighty (she's not married, because who would want to marry her). She walks around with her nose held high, she NEVER needs a tissue. You know what else, her shit smells like freshly baked cinnamon rolls to, no fooling!

People like her disgust me because they think they're better then everyone else and they don't have to follow any rules of common decency or morality. These are the same shmucks who walk through a door while your holding it open without so much as a thank you very much. I always feel like saying, "excuse me your majesty, would you like me to spread rose petals while you walk as well?"

Everyone needs to follow the rules of life. Whether it be understanding the nose blower or saying thank you to the kind door holder. These are the things that separate us from the animals, and if you don't adhere to these unsaid rules then you're just as attractive as that ape at the zoo with the red ass.