Wednesday, September 01, 2004

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The Alphabet Will Set You Free
How people perceive me is something that I tend to think about a lot. So much so, that I might think something out ahead of time before I do it so not to make a fool out of myself. Who would of thought that a game of hangman could put me in such a tizzy.

In my screenwriting class, there is a person in front of me who has gotten into the habit of starting a game of hangman on the board before class. Of course the words are always film titles, since everyone in that class is a cinema-television major.

The first time he did the game, I got the name of the movie before he even had a chance to write any letters. I thought "hey cool, I'm establishing my film credibility." But I think today, I might have seriously screwed that up, and I am running franticly to repair the damage.

One person put a 3 word title on the board, and I knew right away it was "" Instantly I thought, I've heard the phrase "Run Spot Run," maybe it's that. So I said aloud, is there a movie called "Run Spot Run?" The moment I said it, I realized my huge mistake. Since I had said that aloud, everyone knew right away it was in fact "Run Lola Run" and I felt like such the fool. So now to save myself, I realized I had to get another one quickly as to reestablish myself.

The next person came up and put a 3 letter title, and the very first thing that popped into my head was "Pie." So without thinking I said that aloud, and then suddenly realized while everyone was telling me that the film I was thinking was "Pi," like 3.14. So now I felt even more the doofus. Now not only do I not know movies, but I do not know how to spell.

The rest of the game went on and I was spiraling out of control. I missed such titles as "The Abyss" and "What Lies Beneath." This innocent game turned into a war, fought between me and the devils game of hangman.

So now I must wait until next time, and I estimate I need to get at least 2 right before anyone else does if I want to get back my place on the film know-it-all pedestal.

This games central character is a man that is about to die by being hung, and his only salvation hinges on a couple letters. I identify with this man who is standing at the precipice of life and death. If I don't hurry and save myself with correct guesses, then I to will get the dreaded mouth drawn on and officially be dead.