Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The 1st Post
History was made on Friday, November 08, 2002. I created my very first blog entitled, "I Am The Head Crusher" and the following was the very first post that I ever wrote.

Every day I wake at about 6:45 am, but I don't get up till around 7:02 am. Once in a while though I will oversleep because of my stupid alarm clock. I will be having a dream where this strange high-pitched buzzing sound is happening, and in the dream I can't find the source.

For example, I had this dream a little while ago where I was watching Crossroads (no I have never seen it and that movie being in my dream only made it more of a nightmare) with a large group of people in my home. One of the girls watching the movie was someone from the movie (not Britney), and she kept protesting that she had never seen the movie before. Anyways, so suddenly in comes this buzzing sound, which I gotta tell you bugged the hell out of me. So I get up and look for the source. I find three different wristwatches in 3 different places around the room. I wander around with these buzzing wristwatches asking people "Are these yours?" But of course no one wants to admit that the annoying buzzing sound is coming from their discarded watch. Finally, someone says that the watches belong to him. They take the watches; do some twisting of the dial things (I have no idea what there called) and the buzzing stops. I start to walk away, when very gradually the buzzing begins again. This is the point where I open my eyes, realize it was a dream, and shut off that annoying buzzer on my alarm clock.