Friday, August 27, 2004

Tonight is the night that I wait an entire year for. Looking at the date you may be thinking, "it's not Christmas/Hanukkah/night(s) of what could it be?" Well boys and girls, tonight is THE JOHN WILLIAMS CONCERT SPECTACULAR! Ok, actually it's called John Williams: Olympic Fever, and it's at the Hollywood Bowl.

For all you people out there who listen to bad music and have no clue who John Williams is, he's a film score composer. Meaning, you know the music in E.T. and Star Wars? Well he composed that, literally came up with it out of thin air. Now I'm not talking soundtracks, where there are songs from P. Diddy and Missy Elliot, I'm talking no words just music. He is the guy who got you to be scared of a shark even before you saw it in Jaws, and the guy who made you cry like a little girl with his mournful and touching tunes from Schindler's List.

I've been getting pumped for each annual John Williams concert for the past 3 years. The audience is usually phenomenal. Where else can you go where someone in the audience will be yelling for him to play "Superman?" Although, there are those amongst the audience that do bother me some. Kyle has retold a tale of this one man who was sitting in front of him the entire show stonefaced. During each and every piece of music the man wouldn't smile, wouldn't clap, wouldn't even breathe. But at the end, when John Williams came out for an encore he yelled out "Schindler's List." There are people like this man in the concert, who are only going because of maybe ONE movie or because they go to the movies and figure "hey, I've seen movies, let's go!" But I really don't think you should go see him if you are one of these people.

Each and every piece of music that Williams has composed is original and outstanding. Never has there been a composer with such a memorable score repertoire, unless you go back to maybe Bernard Herman and the Hitchcock era. He has had his hits, but he has also had those pieces that the public has overlooked basically because the movie didn't do too well. Like "Sabrina" for example. No one remembers the score to that, unless you're me or Kyle. But that score can still hold up against and surpass some of the trash that comes out today.

So I know it's too late for you to go this year. But next year, if you are really serious about films and want to hear some great music, then think about going. His music has strengthened my film enthusiasm and keeps me on the track to becoming a director. To know that when I get into the business, I could be working with someone like Williams only makes me want to get there faster.