Monday, August 30, 2004

Oh, The Times We Live In
We are living in a technological age. This thought was in my mind today while I was standing outside in a sea of people. Watching them it is justifiable to assume that 1 in 3 people was using their cell phones, and probably 2 out of 3 at least own a cell phone. I also noticed that probably 1 in 7 was wearing some sort of music device, whether it be an mp3 player or a cd player. This time we're living in is much different then how things were 50 years ago.

This is where my train of thought was leading me, to a thought I had over a week ago while listening to people much older then myself talk about how things "used to be." Everything they were saying was nothing new to me, but since I happened to be trapped in a car with these people for several hours you can't help but really think about it.

One never owned a cell phone and never planned on ever owning one. The argument I hear with this is "well I managed without a cell phone for years, no reason I can't manage now." Give me a moment to rebut this statement. First of all, as I said we are living in a technological age. More and more people every day are attaching themselves to something electronic. To not do so yourself doesn't make you a martyr, it makes you ignorant. It is impossible to live in today's world off payphones and pagers, you need a cell phone; especially if you have a business. To not adjust with society would mean you will fall behind, and things will just be more difficult on you. To say that you don't need it because you manage is ridiculous, and I bet I can find something hypocritical about that.

Have you gotten your TB shot lately? Or even a tetanus shot? Years ago, people were dying from these diseases. But with the natural evolution of science, cures have been found so that we can all live happily ever after. To use these medicinal advances, and then go onto say that a cell phone is stupid and unneeded is very hypocritical. Now I'm not trying to say that a cell phone is on the same level as the vaccine for polio, but what I am saying is both have to do with technological advances. Both make things easier on life, so why can you accept one but not the other?

I do have a limit though to my appreciation of the cell phone in particular. These people who walk around with headsets making it appear they're talking to themselves just look stupid. I get the hands free idea, but I saw someone just sitting on the grass with one. They weren't driving or juggling kids, they were just sitting there. To not be able to muster up the strength to hold an odd ounce cell phone is just laughable. I will laugh at you if I see you wearing one of those headsets. That doesn't help anybody, and you're not moving with helpful technology, your moving with ludicrous technology.

See, so I'm not saying everything technology has to offer is a good thing. I'm saying that if something has benefits, and happens to be technology, just don't shoo it away because you're not familiar with it. Give that mp3 player a chance. You can hold thousands of songs on that little thing, and not have to tote around an abnormally large cd case! But the moment that mp3 player somehow incorporates kareoke, I'm going to be really pissed.