Monday, July 26, 2004

Please Be Kind at the Movie Theater
The other night I went to see The Bourne Supremacy at the Galleria. Where I was seated, a Japanese man was a seat away from me to my right. A seat away from him to his right were 2 women. Before the movie started, he stood up and walked away. I assumed he wasn't coming back, still you never know.

A woman and her daughter came over and just waltzed over to the seats, never even asking if they were taken. But as they passed I said, "I think these are taken." The woman ignored me, but her daughter told her mother that I said the seat she was about to take was taken. So she asked the women who said that there was a man there, but he just up and left. I said the same thing, but I also said I wasn't sure if he was coming back. Still, she sat down with her daughter. The moment she did this, the man reappeared.

He walked over to the woman and said "excuse me, this was my seat." She said, "I'm sorry you weren't here, so I took your seat." He said he told the two other women to save his seat, but they were claiming ignorance. He said "I went to the bathroom for a minute, can't you understand that?" She said "Sorry, but you weren't here. What do you expect me to do? You shouldn't have left." She also went on to say how you can't save seats. The she proceeded to stick her finger in the guys face and wave it around, as if to say "sorry, but I was here first." Which of course wasn't true.

It felt really odd, because I felt like I should say something. If some stupid woman was going to take my seat I would have pitched a fit, gotten the manager, done everything I could to ruin this woman's time. But, this wasn't really my place. I'm not going to stick up for a grown man. He just gave up and found a different seat, while everyone in the row was cussing at this lunatic woman. Then they started speaking in another language, I think making fun of the guy. Probably saying how much of a sucker he was.

Let me state this now, seat saving IS ok. It is the persons fault for not getting to the theater earlier, and you shouldn't feel bad because they have to sit in the front row. If anyone tries to take you seats, make a HUGE fuss. Don't worry, people around you will support you.