Friday, May 07, 2004

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How do you wear pants?
I think the way that someone wears a pair of paints is very important. It says a lot about your character, and automatically puts you into a social category. But I still don't really get some of these "pants wearer's" out there today. This morning, two guys were walking in front of me and they were very representative of the strata of pants wearing. The first had his pants low, to create the illusion that he didn't have a butt. I guess it's possible that he didn't have a butt, but for arguments sake lets say that he did. The second had his pants way too tight, like he just came out of the 50s. I'm not talking hippie, think cast of Grease.

Wearing the pants freaking low is something we all have come accustomed to seeing. In my private highschool with a dress code, that trend was running ramped. I knew too well what color my classmates underwear was, which was something I really didn't need to know. This brings up a good point, if you do make a point of sagging your pants you must wear boxers. At least boxers create the illusion that your wearing shorts under you pants. Briefs or "tighty whities" just don't cut it, because I don't like the idea that all that is separating me from you is a thin layer of cotton.

I myself have been known to "sag" a couple of times. But the difference between me and them is it is usually not by choice. Either I forgot a belt or misjudged the need for a belt. Both reasons you cannot blame me for.

Now as for wearing a tight pair of paints. You have to understand the tightness I'm talking about. I don't mean the "Oh I'm so fat these pants are so tight." I'm talking about the "I'm so lean so let me show off my tight lower quadron." Tightness is a tricky thing when dealing with pants. How tight is too tight? I say, that if you need to jump up and down to get into the pants then they are probably too tight. It is my opinion that some looseness is required when wearing a pair of pants. I don't get why I even have to explain this. If the pants make you walk funny, why would you want to wear them?

As pants today get lower and lower and tighter and tighter, I'm expecting some deaths. You're gonna have stupid people tripping over their pants and others suffocating to death.

I just don't get people...oh yes and by the way if you're still wondering about that second photo, I didn't really care to put up a picture of a guy in tight pants on my blog, hope you can understand...