Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Movie Dictionary seems to get hits from a variety of different places. Most interestingly though, I noticed someone came from "Sandia National Laboratories, United States." I was very curious about this visitor so I had to delve further into where they came from.

I visited the web site for Sandia National Laboratories and was greeted with "Sandia National Laboratories - helping our nation secure a peaceful and free world through technology." Now why on earth would someone be visiting a movie theater dictionary when they're supposed to be saving the world?

Someone must be surfing the internet instead of doing their job. Which according to their site is "...a multiprogram lab, primarily doing national defense R&D, energy, and environment projects. The Labs' original mission of providing engineering design for all non-nuclear components in the nation's nuclear weapons continues today, but Sandia now also performs a wide variety of national security R&D work."

It's interesting the people who come to silly web sites. Today a nuclear safety division, tomorrow the world!