Friday, April 02, 2004

Late Monday night of last week I did something really stupid. I slipped on an extention cord lying across my hallway. I sort of fell forward, and in an effort to catch myself I stepped on my left foot rather awkwardly. Placing all my body weight on that one foot, I heard a series of terrifying pops and cracks. I immediately jumped up and ran around, like that would somehow help the pain setting it. Since my foot didn't swell or turn black and blue, I figured I had just twisted something.

However since then, I have been forced to constantly limp because the pain in my foot is too great. After my accident I saw one doctor who felt around and said "we'll just give you some pain meds" and then disappeared. Those stupid pain pills did absolutely nothing. So the next day I went to see a different doctor who FINALLY ordered some x-rays. Nothing came up though, and he just told me to take tylenol. The end diagnose from both doctors was inconclusive. Neither one actually gave me a definite answer, and I was the only person who actually used the word sprain.

I really think they missed something. I don't think something that's nothing is supposed to last as long as this is lasting. Doing some research on the internet, I have decided that I probably tore a ligament. If by next Monday I'm still limping around, I'm going to have to go see yet another doctor.

That is the reason I have kind of vanished from the blog for a little bit. I just haven't been in the mood to post anything.