Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Last night I went to a market research in North Hollywood. What you say is a market research? Well I'll tell you. It's when a company brings together a group of people to test a product, whether that is new kinds of hot pockets, a new television show, and a new video game. By the way I have all of those. After the product is tested/viewed, your opinion is asked of by the company.

The market research I went on last night was for a new show coming out called "Countdown." Right off the bat I was feeling like what I was seeing was UPN material. The show is basically 24 meets Monk. A team called TRT something works to diffuse a bomb in real time. The squad is led by an ex-cop with a limp who uses a cane. He's quick talking, slick, and knows everything. For instance, what shoes you were wearing or the air speed velocity of an African swallow.

One major UPN hint was the absence of pretty much any name. The only person I recognized was the actor who is the principal on "Boston Public" and the woman looked very familiar but I couldn't place what I knew her from. The show had an already been done story line, corny dialogue, and crappy acting.

I was really hoping that I would watch the show and they wouldn't want to use me for a focus group. That has happened to me before, and the good thing about that is you still get paid. So during the show I was trying to show that I really hated it by keeping my hand held rating tool on double negative, and on the questioner at the end I was saying "Nothing could be done, this is crap, blah blah blah." I guess my disgust towards the show is what got me. I thought they wouldn't want to deal with me so they wouldn't use me. Oh well.

So I'm stuck in this room with maybe 8 other people, ranging from me most likely the youngest being me at 19 to the oldest being 50. Now everyone in this room is a complete moron. It is led by Marty to mediator who says he doesn't have any stake in the show. First thing he has us do is write down on a scale from 1 - 10 what we would give the show. Right then I felt awkward being the 1 - 10 scale is completely unworkable. So I was the only person in the room who gave it a 5 and from there everyone was giving it nines and eights. People had varying reasons why they gave it the coveted 9 which is the same as giving it 4 stars! One, the "chick (motioning in front of the chest in a curved fashion to imitate boobs) was hot and drove a fast car." Two, it was REAL life. Three, the action was so cool. I was the only one in the room who said flat out it was corny, the acting was bad, the story was just a combination of shows already been done before.

First of all, no show should have to rely on one woman's vivaciousness in order to sell it. You need characters that you can get involved in for a show to sell. Also, this show wasn't REAL life. That is just bullshit. There is NO ex-cop with a limp and a cane who knows what YOU had for cereal two days ago because you have a weak handshake. That is just ludicrous and stupid. There is also no hot "chick" that can diffuse a bomb without breaking a sweat or ruining her makeup. People in this group were completely stupid. This one person was saying how HE would change the show technically which really isn't any of his god damn concern. He was also using reasoning for his decisions like as if he knew the back stories of all the characters and like he knew the human psyche. What an asshole, I was so frustrated. But I finally got out of there feeling like I hadn't been taken over by Marty the mediator and I was $60 richer. So I made the money back I spent on the complete adventure of Mr. Bean, still well worth the $50.