Monday, April 26, 2004

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Get a room, not an elevator!
This morning when I entered the elevator at school, a couple came in with me. As the elevator begins ascending to our destination, they start kissing. So in this 5x5 space, where you feel uncomfortable to begin with because you're in close proximity to silent strangers, I am forced to stand next to a couple making out. I swear to God, had I NOT been in the elevator they probably would have had sex in it. Immediately a scene from Fatal Attraction popped into my head, and I winced. I didn't really know what to do accept stand there quietly, looking down and to the left. As the doors opened I rushed out, hoping to cleanse myself of the uncomfortable feeling wafting over me.

Recounting my story to Kyle, he said I should have said something. But what can I say? "Excuse me; you're in an elevator for God's sake. Can't you wait till you get home! Not only am I uncomfortable just being near you to begin with, but you have the nerve to start making out?!? Shame on you and your generations of miscreants to come. A pox on thee heathens!" and then I should of stormed out. That would of been the perfect thing to do, because I would have made them as uncomfortable as they were making me.