Wednesday, April 28, 2004

This morning, I spent some 10 minutes making a protein shake that my gym told me I should start drinking. It consists of 1 cup orange juice, 1/2 of a banana, protein powder (I have chocolate flavored). and ice. So now you can make your own if you like. I poured the concoction into a kiddie thermos and was out the door.

In my car this morning, while waiting until 7:45 like I usually do, I started drinking it. The ice created some sort of barrier, and the shake wouldn't come out. So I tilted the thermos up to try and shake it out while I drank. That was my biggest mistake. The contents came rushing at my face at high speeds, pouring down my shirt and on my pants. My arm and face was covered in chocolate liquid, and I was stunned.

What was I to do? I glanced around my car for some kind of napkin. Nothing. So I pulled a piece of paper out of my notebook and tried cleaning myself up with it. For future reference, paper is not good at absorbing liquids. All it did was spread the mess. I considered going home to change, but I thought "No I can't do that, then I will have trouble with parking." Then I thought, maybe I'll call someone to bring me a change of clothes, even if it's their clothes. But I thought "No, I don't want to be wearing someone elses clothes." So I go out of my car, and practically ran to the Music building to try and find a bathroom. All the way praying that no one would see me and think I was some slob. Because if I saw someone in my state I would think, "hobo."

Once I found the bathroom, I tried my best. I was wetting down my shirt, using paper towels galore. Even though I hate hand dryers, I was really hoping there would be one in here. But no, paper towels was the only thing I had so I made due.

After the appearance of chocolate was gone, I now had a large dark blotch on my shirt and pants. I tried to come up with some way to dry my shirt quickly. Maybe take it off and wave it around? No that didn't work. So I was forced to walk around wet this morning, trying to shield my pants with my backpack. I didn't want anyone to think I peed my pants, which everyone is afraid other people would think if they had a dark blotch on their pants.

So now I'm here on the computer, drying. Hopefully I'll be dry before my first class. God, what a WONDERFUL way to start my morning.