Friday, March 05, 2004

Tonight, starting at 4:30 PM, I will be watching the entire first season of The Sopranos. If my calculations are correct I will finish the first season by 4 AM. This is just the start of my plan to watch the 4 previous seasons of The Sopranos.

I'm doing this because I feel that I've missed The Soprano boat, and I'm left standing on the dock. I can't go a day without hearing something about this HBO show, and to be honest I'm tired of it. I have never seen a single episode, and that makes me feel like I'm missing something important.

It is quite an undertaking to watch 4 season of any show, especially one with hour-long episodes. But I think I can do it before next weekend. This Sunday however is the season premier of the 5th season, which I'll sure to be watching.


Have you ever seen something your entire life, then someone points something out about that something and you see that something in a whole different light? A confusing sentence I know, but this has happened to me. A little while ago, Jennifer pointed something out to me about the FedEx logo. If you'll notice, between the "E" and the "X" there is a rather large arrow pointing to the right. Now wherever I go I see this arrow, and I can't see FedEx for what it once was. It's like the word doesn't matter anymore, all I see is this arrow.

It's odd how words can affect someone so much. When I was watching the television show Roseanne, I completely blanked out. I saw the word Roseanne, but it no longer held any kind of meaning. It was like I had never seen the word before. I was really confused, and a little bit frightened. Had the show always been called Roseanne? I don't think I've ever really noticed the name of the show before. It was like a revelation; a veil had been lifted. Roseanne was the name of the man character, the person who played the character, and the name of the show. It was like I couldn't grasp the word and now it felt awkward. I sat in my room saying the word aloud, "Roseanne...Roseanne...Roseanne." I would be remiss to not mention, that Kyle had recently told me about experiencing the same exact feeling but for the show "Seinfeld." When it happens to you, you will start laughing because you finally realize what I'm talking about. It happened to will happen to you.