Sunday, March 14, 2004

Seeing the trailers for this film, I thought that I might have a notion of what the twist of this film might be. Even so, I was hoping that I was wrong. Unfortunately I wasn't, and I do believe that is what soured my experience with this film. The entire film is about the twist, and to be let down when it finally comes is enough to turn a relatively good movie into a bad one.

Johnny Depp plays the lead character with all the talent he can muster. But it is not enough to save this film. Most of his scenes are of him sitting in a ratty old bathrobe talking to himself. John Turturro, who I think is also a fine actor, had a good portion of screen time but was hard to stomach with his bad southern accent.

The film does have its moments of good screen time. Some scenes are very well filmed and leave you feeling a little jumpy. But the film just can't shake this uneasiness it has. The film grows and grows and grows, then sort of fizzles off. I wouldn't recommend seeing this film in theaters, wait for the DVD. It will make more of a satisfying rental.


out of 4

I struggled with this rating because I wanted to give it 2, but I've given that to much worse movies.