Monday, March 08, 2004

I am in the library right now, and a moment ago I was speaking to Amanda. While conversing with her in a low voice, this person next to her kept giving me looks like I was disturbing his piece. It actually has made me rather pissed off. I felt like saying "sorry your majesty, please continue typing your document on the monumental reforms you will be implicating on your royal kingdom. I will be sure to pay homage in your wake." What a bastard! I hate people. What right does he have to make me feel like I'm being annoying. I am anything but annoying, this bastard is annoying with his wolfman hair and picnic table shirt. Why don't you go back to the carnival where you belong, FREAK! Not only that, but I'm not the only one talking but I get the looks. If he wants utter piece and quiet why doesn't he go back under the rock where he came from. That way he'll not only have his precious piece and quiet, but others won't have to come in contact with his freakishly bastard self.