Thursday, February 19, 2004

Yesterday was a tough day at school. I overslept over 2 hours because I must of shut off my alarm clock while still half asleep. I really hate it when that happens. So I wake-up at 8:30 and I have a 9:00 class. I rushed as quick as I could to school, praying the entire way. I'm not kidding I was seriously praying to God that I would find a parking space. Low and behold, when I got to school I got a space relatively quickly with 10 minuted to spare.

Oversleeping is one of the things I dread will happen every morning. When it happens, for the rest of the day I feel rushed and off. I feel like I can't carry on a good converstation or if I'm forced to argue do a very good job.

After Philosophy, I went to the Sierra Center (the foodcourt) and waited for people to meet me. Today, it was mobbed because of the rain. Everyone who normally wanders around aimlessly around campus was now wandering around in here. Somehow I got a table and sat down. After a little while, an asian girl came up to me and asked if she could sit at my table. I hesitated for a moment, but for some reason I said yes even though I knew people were meeting me. This probably has a lot to do with my i-can't-say-no-complex. It was quiet, she did her thing and I did mine. But after a little while I started to feel awkward. I'm not used to sharing a table with someone and not say anything. So I just started talking to her about this and that. I really didn't want to though, because I didn't feel very witty today. I found out her name was Grace, she was a freshman with an undecided major. We talked about anime mostly, and she kept talking about her boyfriend. Which made me think of Kyle's post about boyfriends. There was a point where she said something about Japan, so I asked "so then your from Japan?" And she said yeah with like an attitude. Like I should of known she was from Japan or something because she's Asian. When she said that I said "You say it like I would KNOW your from Japan." Thank god Amanda and Jennifer showed up, because I didn't feel like arguing about this. But she decided that was her qeaue to leave. She asked me my name and she was gone. It was an interesting encounter, a very odd one actually.

Anthropology was boring as usual, and English went by quickly. In CTVA we watched a film called Roshomon. It was ok, a little long though. I was outa school a little after 5 with Amanda and Jennifer.