Friday, February 20, 2004

There is a website called friendster where you can keep connected with all of your "friends." My friend Abby showed it too me, and for a while I was all for it. I'm probably responsible for about 10 people who have now become avid friendterters. But now...I am against it.

I was on it this morning, going through everyone's friendster profiles looking at all the friends they have. Friendster went from being a website where you keep in touch with your close knit of comrades, to a popularity contest. There are some people on friendster who have gone bezerk and apparently have over 100 friends. They'll be sure to advertise this to you. Bullshit, you don't have a 100 friends.

There is a difference between a friend and an acquaintance. A friend is not the person you bumped into on the street or said hello to in passing. A lot of people have tons of friends on there friendster lists like that. I even fell victim to the idea of friendster and how I need to go to the bottom of the barrel to put a few names on my list. I was even stealing Kyle's friends. Although I did make a rule that if I didn't meet them, then I wouldn't try to add them. Still...I shouldn't have to do that. Friendster is just there to make you feel bad for not having a million friends, when to be honest that's unrealistic. I honestly believe that on average a person has only have a few REAL friends. The rest can be called friends to, but there not on the same level. If you think you have 100 real friends then maybe you have 100 imaginary friends because that's just not possible. Sure you might know 100 people, but are they your friends?

I was contemplating this morning deleting my friendster profile. Wouldn't it be hilarious when people who have me on their lists notice the quantity of friends they had went down by one. People would be trying to meet strangers just to get up to their normal standing so they can sleep soundly at night.