Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Michael Shirts

Do I really need this?
Sitting here at this computer looking around, I can't help but notice all the new "trendy" things people like to wear. More and more frequently, new styles emerge out of nothingness and as if from nowhere. I am constantly feeling bombarding with the idea that I NEED something because it is cool. I'd like to fit in just like the rest of the Von Dutch wearing hat people, but I even have my limits.

I'd like to think I have my own sense of style, which I'm sure others will continue to let me think. I've had my periods where I'll only wear one type of thing. For about a year in elementary school, I was always wearing Big Dog labeled clothing. After that, I had a period where for years I would just wear something that Kyle's family so ingeniously put "Michael Shirts." It's those getto-esque (I know I'll get called on that one.) almost plad shirts that you see many people wearing. Well I used to wear those a lot, so much in fact I wonder if people thought the only clothes I owned looked like that. They weren't out or in, they were always neutral.

One big thing that led to my gap in the fashion world was high school. I went to a private catholic school with a strictly enforced dress code. I had no real opportunity to wear clothes other then my khaki pants and polo shirts except on weekends.

I think college is the place where I finally am starting to get an appreciation for the cotton things in life; to a masculine degree of course. I'm finally in an environment where I'm able to take notice of what is cool and uncool. This is where the real meaning of this blog comes in. I just don't get some of these trends nowadays. Like those aforementioned Von Dutch hats. First I saw one, then two, then they just seemed to multiply out of control. Von Dutch spawned a revival of a trucker hat wearing society. Intrigued by this bizarre phenomenon I visited the Von Dutch website. There I found pictures of models who looked like they had been beat up wearing the Von Dutch items. So what am I supposed to think from this, if I wear Von Dutch I'll get beat up? Not to mention the prices, $85 for a trucker hat. As I recall, I used to get them for free in the mail, walking into stores, for use as a napkin, and to prop up tables. The sad thing is, people are actually shelling out this and more money to wear the label. I must confess, I bought one trucker hat out of temptation. But I didn't spend anything close to the cost of a Von Dutch hat.

Then there are these pants that make it looked like someone threw paint at you. These I really don't get. Is it cool to sit on a wet bench? I guess so, because I've seen hoards of these things everywhere.

I've noticed some other things recently, that are just starting to get big. Sandals for men are back in force, which I predict will lead to many more feet being stepped on. Girls are wearing things that look like they knitted it themselves, spending there own time on a scarf or a sweater. Any trend that you can think of from yesteryear is going to come back sooner then later. Be on the look out for bellbottoms, shoes with fish in them, leg warmers, leather jackets, and zuit suits.