Friday, February 13, 2004

Last night my brother Chris showed me this kick ass anime show called Naruto. It's basically about ninjas that fly and have magic powers, 'nough said. My interest in anime grew in my senior year in high school when my friend Abby lent me a Sailor Moon dvd. It sparked my interest, and I started to see more and even renting some on my own. One thing I learned really quickly was that there is really good anime and then there is really bad anime. I also started to develop a taste for a certain kind of anime. I'm not a big fan of anime where the characters have huge mouths and yell everything. I like the ones that have realistic looking characters and crazy far out stories. I'm not a fan of the ultra-violence too much. Anime seems to really get off on heads exploding and guts flying everywhere. I'm more a fan of the karate chop to the face kinda action. I'm still learning about anime, like how there is a difference between that and manga.

Which Naruto Character are You?
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