Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I have a bit of news to report, one is radio related and one is CSUN related. First let me start with the best news of all. Unfunny man Rick Dees has finally been let go from radio station 102.7 KISS. For years this man has filled the air waves with his perverted old man antics and bad jokes. Finally, he's being put to sleep so we all can be a little happier in the morning. Even though I don't listen to this station, I will never have to hear or see that ugly ugly man again. Unfortunately, this news comes with a bad side to it. Not much funnier man-woman, Ryan Seacrest, is rumored to be the one replacing him. Although I don't care for Seacrest either, with his highlighted eyebrows and pantyhose, he is an improvement from the horrible Dees.

Now for the worst news of all which only affects those CSUN students who drive to school. They are closing lost B3 later this month for a total of 18 months. That means that for the next 18 months, 881 students have to find somewhere else to park. If you park in any of the other parking lots or even on the surrounding streets you're going to have to make some more effort to get here. The CSUN bastards just love giving us the royal screw when it comes to parking. They give us a parking structure, then close down a parking lot. I know that this parking structure is for the good of the school and all that jazz, but couldn't they have figured out a more reasonable way to increase the parking. I find it hard to believe that this was their only option. We need a chapter of school set aside for parking issues, because these morons can't seem to handle to challenge.