Sunday, April 30, 2006

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

After a little over one year, I have decided to hang my hat up on the blog phenomenon. I've had three blogs over the years. It all began with "I Am the Head Crusher." After a time I created a new blog, "Fade to Black." Then I finally rested on this one. I had a nice run, posting an impressive 207 posts across my blogs on everything from Florida to Pants. While I'm sure I wasn't writing to the masses, I'd like to thank everyone who actually took the time to read everything I've written. From the bottom of my heart I am eternally greatful, because you were the reason I sat down and bitched for so long. So thank you, I appreciate it. These posts will always remain on the internet, so if you ever feel like looking back on my career please do. I'll miss you all.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Diet, the Black Sheep in the Soda Family
In an effort to get healthier, about 4 weeks ago I made the switch to diet soda. Initially my intention was to have no regular soda whatsoever. But after a few days I realized that I cannot just give up regular soda all together. So instead of looking for the soda patch, which would regulary put doses of pure Coke into my system, I decided to give myself allowences. If I went out to eat, I can have a max of two sodas then I switch to water. If I go to a movie, I can have another coke.

This whole transition to diet soda has been difficult. I was so much of an advocate against this trend that I feel like I'm betraying all the diet soda haters out there. Like I have to tear up my picket sign that reads "Death to Diet!" and throw my sash into the fire.

But to be honest, it is the best thing for me. I used to consume soda by the case load, so this change will eliminate about 1,000 calories from my diet. I've already lost weight cause of it. I have a goal though, I want to help others avoid the awful diet sode. Believe me, on my quest for the drinkable diet soda I have had some awfulness in the mix.

Periodically I will review a diet soda, and let you all in on the soda without having to drink it yourself.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Face Book
I've found a new addiction, The Face Book. Face Book is a site like Friendster and MySpace but it only connects college students. I've found some people on this site that I never thought I'd see again, let alone speak to. But there they are, added to my friend list. This website has given me a few nostalgic moments as I reminisce about yesteryear. More people are using Face Book because of it's simplicity and it's shear size.

According to Kyle, our college wasn't one of the approved universities for a long time. That's why I didn't know this place even existed up until now. But now that I've found it I can't stop searching for people to add. It's a efortless pastime that can give me hours of fun.

Just today I found this girl I haven't talked to since Junior High, and now we're exchanging messages. C'mon, that's amazing!

Pretty soon I'm going to have to be going to FBA (Face Book Anonymous).

Monday, January 31, 2005

It begins...
A new school semester has begun, and I come back to my blog to find it in disarray. I apologize for my absence during the winter break, but much has happened since my last blog post.

I have moved into a new house, and it's been 2 months now. My room is still the only room not fully unpacked, and our dog that has gotten even bigger has made a habit of eating anything that he can reach.

My mother has been dating a man named Chip, whose real name is Larry. I still don't know why he goes by Chip, but I guess if my name was Larry I'd probably do the same. I hardly know the man, but what I do know is that he's a hospital administrator, plays in the stock market, wrote a Twilight Zone episode, and is from the South. While my parents aren't fully divorced yet, my mother made two comments yesterday saying "this is long term, like marriage long term." So, it is possible that by Summer I could have a stepfather named Chip. I'm just glad I'm 20, so having a stepfather now isn't an enormous ordeal.

I haven't gone to the gym since winter break commence last December. This is something I hope to remedy as soon as I become comfortable with my classes. Although I'm not seeing a personal trainer anymore, I do have a 24 Hour Fitness membership and I'm gonna help Amanda and Kyle get into shape. But summer they'll both be able to bench press a VW Bug. Haha...funny mental picture...

Anways, that it for now. I'm just waiting for my first class at 9 AM. Until then, this is Michael Kaye signing out...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

How are we this evening. Anything fun or exciting happen?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Time Flies So You Better Duck!
Ever wish you could speed through time just to get it over with? I've been feeling like that for the last couple weeks. I've been wishing that I could fly really fast around the world, but instead of turning back time to save Lois Lane like Superman did, I'd fly in the opposite direction to just get things over and done with.

School is coming to a close, and all my insane teachers decided to let loose there furry about that time. Papers, photography assignments, screenplays, 120 question finals are all the exciting things I have to look forward to. All this with less then 2 weeks of school left. I've never dreaded the end of school so much.

Why is it that professors decide that all the really hard stuff should be at the end? To me that doesn't make sense. There argument is "your college students, this is college work, you can handle it." But honestly, do they not realize that ALL the other professors think that way and so there going to give you the same work load? Teachers need to try and think that outside of his/her class, you have other classes not to mention a life you have to contend with. Sometimes I really think teachers think that your life is their class. Especially when I hear comments like "the only way you can turn this in late is if your dead or in the emergency room." Thanks a lot, what if my car breaks down on my way to school because someone put sugar in my gas tank? Or what if the night before I drank a really bad glass of milk and am throwing up the entire next day? Nope, those aren't "legitimate" reasons. Teachers need to stop acting like the light rises and falls at their command and start treating there students with respect and understanding. I'm not asking to be coddled or lead by the hand, but I just want teachers to really think before they assign tons of homework.

There should be some sort of committee that as a student you can go to and complain. Teachers have no sort of commander keeping them in line. There like cops who can't drive, but can't get tickets because there cops. You know you've seem them making illegal left hand turns and running red lights, but your the one who gets ticketed for that. Plus, do we really know if there is an emergency when there lights are flashing? I bet you some of the time they use that just to get around traffic. Damn cops...

In less then two weeks all this hell will be over and I can finally take a breath. But until then, looks like I'm going to have to put up with Professor Assholio.